Management Team
Book Country Clearing House, LLC

Front: Sandy Roberts, President
Richard Roberts, CEO
Back from left to right: Tina Marraccini, Sales Support
  Teri Stanley, VP of Finance
  Kelley Todd, Inventory Manager
  Jerry Yankello, Sales Manager
  Donna Shaffer Hecht, VP of Sales

Warehouse Management Team
Book Country Clearing House, LLC

From left to right: Darryl McCullough, Break Crew Manager
  Tracy DiClaudio, Traffic Manager
  John Janosko, Warehouse Manager
  Joe Halaszynski - Assistant Warehouse Manager

Break Crew - Globe Pequot Press

Break Crew - Harper Collins Publishers

Break Crew - Oxford University Press

Break Crew - Random House, Inc.

Break Crew - Simon & Schuster

Inventory Group

Order Pulling Quality Control Group

Richard Roberts, CEO
Prior to acquiring Book Country Clearing House in 2002, Richard was a partner and co-founder of Jovio, Inc., which was a software development company based in Pittsburgh, Pa. Jovio developed viewer profiling technology for the broadcast television industry, which enabled cable and satellite TV broadcasters to deliver targeted television commercials tailored to the specific interests of the viewer, directly to that viewer. The Company was sold to Management Science Associates, the largest provider of software systems to the broadcast television industry in 2000.

Prior to starting Jovio, Richard's career spanned the turn-around of several companies, where he was principally involved in the rebranding, repricing and distribution of such brands as Nestle Quik and the Nestle Quik Bunny, Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante, vermouth and Bianco brands, Nabisco Brands' Team Flakes cereal and Mix 'n Eat hot cereals, the introduction of Coca Cola's Cherry Coke, the introduction of Swatch Watch, and launch of many new Stouffer Foods frozen products. In addition having served as adjunct marketing director for Source capital Companies, LTD and Laurel Mountain Capital Partners.

Sandy Roberts, President
Sandy and Richard were partners in the acquisition of Book Country in 2002, and are active day-to-day partners in the stewardship of the company today. Sandy oversees all legal and contractual obligations within the company, and is actively involved in every major publisher negotiation and acquisition. Sandy is also overseeing all legal issues dealing with Book Country's expansion into and acquisition of wholesale distributors overseas.

Teri Stanley, Vice President/Finance
Teri has been with Book Country for the past thirteen years, serving as Vice President of Finance, and has been instrumental in ensuring Book Country's AAA financial rating. During the past thirteen years, Teri has developed a strong working relationship with both those publishers Book Country handles on an exclusive basis, as well as with an extensive list of customers operating outside the traditional book-selling market. In addition to financial matters, Teri has also overseen the successful internal development of the company's own web-based inventory software system.

Robert Hamilton, Vice President, Bellwether Books
Bob is Vice President of Operations for Bellwether Books, Book Country's web-based book-selling company. Prior to joining Book Country, Bob worked in the wood industry most recently as General Manager of a wood complex in Northern Pennsylvania. Prior to that time Bob held a series of jobs with the same organizations including, Manager of environmental affairs for discontinued operations; Vice President and Assistant General Manager Building products group; Vice President and General Manager of the Sawmill and Timberland Division. In addition Bob held several positions in finance and accounting and holds an advanced degree in accounting.

Donna Shaffer Hecht, Vice President/Sales
Donna was born and raised in Pittsburgh, home of the Steelers! She attended California University of Pennsylvania. She started her sales career at a local produce wholesaler servicing hotels and restaurants in the surrounding Pittsburgh area. Her love for sales and meeting new people eventually led her to Book Country in 2002. Donna said "Book Country is filled with challenging new adventures, sort of like reading a book and I hope to spend the rest of my career turning a new page and helping new characters fill their shelves with the adventures I seek."

Jerry Yankello, Sales Manager
When it comes to finding the books your customers want and pricing them so they jump off your store's shelf, Jerry is a retailer's lean, mean, selling machine. With over 30 years in sales and customer service, Jerry knows what it takes to get the job done right the first time. " I've been in sales and customer service my entire career, and have over 30 years experience in helping my customers consistently grow their businesses. How? By rolling up my sleeves and getting to know what my retail customers' customers want, what their needs and interests are, and picking the right titles and pricing them at a price that every one of those shoppers can afford. That's part of what being a good sales person is all about. The other part has to do with customer service and it's something that I am passionate about. Since a young age when I worked in our folks' dry cleaning business, to pumping gas and being a plumbing supply wholesaler, I've learned that the best salesman is one who listens, and rest assured, I'll bend an ear your way!

John Janosko, Warehouse Manager
John has been Book Country Clearing House's warehouse manager since 2007. As a U.S. Veteran and a self-employed contractor/inventor/entrepreneur, John has vast experience in controlling labor quality and cost. He was honorably discharged from the service in 1980 and worked in retail security management for national retail establishments where he learned the art of customer satisfaction. John then went into construction where he became a carpenter with one of the largest commercial contractors in the city of Pittsburgh. In the 1990's, John started a boat building and outdoor supply store business where he worked with others to create a local outdoor TV show called the Pennsylvania Outdoor Guide. John joined the Book Country Clearing House team in 2007 as a construction consultant, and rose to warehouse manager shortly thereafter. As warehouse manager, John has been instrumental in the streamlining of Book Country Clearing House's receiving inventory and order filling procedures. He wears many hats including the care and development of all warehouse personnel, the development of all procedures to keep the warehouse running smoothly and general maintenance of the building and machinery.